What is a Mobile Notary?

What is a Mobile Notary?

What is a mobile notary? That’s simple, it is a personal notary or concierge service that travels to the client instead of the client traveling to the notary. For some, this is a convenience for others it is a necessity. Mobile notaries use their skills to visit clients who either don’t know where to find a notary or don’t have the ability to travel.

As a mobile notary public and a loan signing agent, I give my clients the ability to relax in their homes and wait for me to come to them. This is especially important for individuals who are in the hospital, jail, or other care facilities. Yes, I did say jail. Life doesn’t stop when one becomes incarcerated and there are still things that need to be signed and notarized. Although, the experience for the notary isn’t exactly peaches.

Now we have the basics down, what a notary public does isn’t going to change. Whether he or she is meeting you at your chosen location or you find them in a store or bank. As a notary public, I am bound by the laws and regulations set down by the state and local governing bodies. In general, a notary will evaluate whether or not the signer(s) are impaired or mentally diminished and the notary will also check for coercion. This is a big deal, as a notary, I have to make sure that every client is signing their document voluntarily. There is no room for negotiation, in this instance, if a client doesn’t want to sign, I cannot and will not force them in anyway. This evaluation is pretty quick and most clients don’t realize it’s taking place. The next step a notary will take is to check the identification of each individual signing the document(s). This is to prevent fraudulent behavior. Each signer has to prove he or she is exactly who they say they are. Again, there is no room for negotiation in this. Notary publics are the last line of defense when it comes to preventing identity theft and outright fraud.

There are a few things to remember, when it comes to using a notary. We don’t have to know or understand the document you are signing. Many times we do, but we are there to make sure you are who say you, that you are signing voluntarily, and that you are not impaired in anyway. For the most part, we are not lawyers or financial advisers, we cannot direct you in anyway to a specific document. This is true even if we know which document we need. Giving you this information would constitute legal advice and it’s a huge “no-no”.

Why are Mobile Notaries so Expensive?

Why are mobile notaries so expensive? We really aren’t when you breakdown what is involved. Yes, we are more expensive than the UPS store or a bank. No one can complete with FREE. The reality is that if you choose a mobile notary, you are paying for a concierge service, a private notary public. What the notary charges is actually regulated by the state. Here in Indiana, I am allowed to charge $10 per signature (at the time of this publication), mileage, and service fees.

There are some mobile notaries that will nickel and dime their clients to death, but don’t worry they don’t stay in business long. The “normal” mobile notary charges their state maximum per signature/stamp (i.e. $10 per signature in Indiana), federal mileage round trip, and a small service fee. That’s it, that is the whole equation. Why some notarizations are so expensive is because of the mileage. The further a notary has to drive, the more it will cost. The mileage costs cover expenses such as gas, oil changes, regular maintenance. That is just a fraction of the actual cost that is incurred to get to you, as a client. We really don’t make any money off the mileage.

The key is to remember, you are getting an elevated service for the fee you are paying. You don’t have to wait in line. You don’t have to drive around town to even find a notary. You will never hear, “the notary isn’t in today.” The notary is always in with a mobile notary agency. All you are required to do is, call us up, schedule an appointment, have your identification, and make sure you have your document, and that you have means to pay the fee. We do all the rest, including fighting rush hour traffic.

In a nutshell, a mobile notary is here for you. We want to make life a little easier on you and give you the best service possible. We do have to comply with all the laws of our state, but we strive to be the best representation of our office as possible. We love our clients and we want to make sure you get what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the headaches.

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  1. That’s good that a mobile notary would able to meet you where it is convenient for you. I would think that would make things much easier for you if you are on a tight schedule or if you can’t go to an office. I’ll have to remember that if I ever need to get some paper notarized.

    1. One of the key aspects for customers is they get the value of their time back. My clients love that I will meet them anytime & anywhere it’s convenient for them.

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